A1 Barber and Beauty Salon Team


“Ross” attended Dallas Barber College and has been a professional barber providing excellent grooming services in the North Dallas area for years.

“I believe that the key to a client’s complete satisfaction lies in the details. I give each and every client a great grooming experience in a sophisticated and comfortable environment. I specialize in fades of all kinds, tapers, mowhawks, afros, beard trims, facials, razor shaves, and eyebrow arches. My goal is to provide exceptional services. I take pride in providing an excellent grooming experience believing that you will be motivated to return to A1 Barber & Beauty Salon.”

Tel. or  Text:  501 940 -6269

Email: adriant.ross@yahoo.com


“E” attended New Tyler Barber College in Little Rock, AR and has been a professional barber in the North Dallas area for more than twelve years.

“I am a professional barber in the business for more than 20 yrs. My passion for hair cutting comes from a family full of licensed professionals. Dependability, quality service, and loving your neighbor as you love yourself are the main stay of a true professional barber. I believe in creating a positive atmosphere in the shop for the kids. From tapers, bald fades, college cuts, high tops and mo-hawks you can have whatever you like. I look forward to serving you at A1 Barber & Beauty Salon.

Tel. or  Text:  214-335-5606

Email: ECarter3485@gmail.com


“Big M” attended Dallas Barber and Stylist College and a licensed barber for more than 14 years.

My name is Marvis (Big M) Butler I’m a master barber. I want to thank you for stopping by my profile. I graduated from Dallas Barber College in 2010, but I been cutting hair since I was n middle school. This my passion.   I specialize in all kinds of fades from tapers, drop fades, bald fades, and mohawks. I make sure each and every client walks out looking their best with a smile on their face to ensure they return to A1barber & beauty salon.

Tel: 972 741-9929
Email: Marvisbutler85@gmail.com

Fb:marvis butler
Instagram:marvis butler


“Lady T” graduated from Ogle of Dallas in 2014.

Hi, my name is Trevia, “Lady T” is what they call me.  I’m a professional cosmologist in the Dallas area.  I specialize in all types of hair for men and women. I also provide eyebrow tinting, waxing, and eyelash services.   My passion for hair comes from the heart. As a professional, I feel my work plays a major part in people’s everyday lives, and when the scissors/clippers have been put away. I want to have made a difference in someone’s day. Lady T making the world a better place one head at a time.

Tel: 318 759-9114
Email: autreviaanderson1980@yahoo.com



Hello my name is Ugg, better known as Mr.Ugg . I’m a license barber in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been licensed for over seven years , but I’ve been doing hair since I was about fiftteen years old. My profession is not limited when it comes to hair. What can I say, I love doing everything men , women , and children hair. From fades to all style cuts, you name it. I enjoy  making all my clients smile before , during , and after I’m done completing their need. I feel my job is to make you happy to return to my seat._
Hours of operation: 10-8 hours

Tel. or  Text:  501 940 -6269

Email: adriant.ross@yahoo.com



Tel:    (469) 295-4395

My obsession with hair began when i was 9 years old.   I became a professional stylist in 1990 .

I have owned 2 successful hair salons participating in numerous Fashion shows and hair shows abroad.  My experience includes working with celebrities learning the highest level of professional customer service. In 2010 i relocated to Sacramento,CA to manage and reorganize corporate hair salons receiving recognition for my innovative and creative ideas.

I am certified in color, trained in cutting and have extensive product knowledge.  I am very passionate in my commitment to offer my clients the healthiest hair solutions.

If your hair is not becoming to u….you should be coming to me !!!

Our Services - % of cuts

Bald Fades24%
High Tops01%
College cuts01%

We are a team of professionals, experienced in professional men’s and women’s grooming, Barber & Beauty and top quality customer service.